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Kleg Seth



  Kleg Seth (Ole Klegseth) graduated in 1966 from California Lutheran College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Arts. He pursued acting and writing during the remainder of the 1960s in Hollywood and New York. He had minor acting roles in a few movies and wrote a script for This Is The Life, a dramatic television series. Kleg worked as casting director, production assistant and actor on the feature motion picture The Cross and the Switchblade filmed in New York City. He wrote, directed and produced a two act play The Gamblers as an Equity Showcase in 1970 in New YorkCity.


During the 1970s Kleg worked with The Hollywood Free Theater which provided free      training for young aspiring actors and singers coming to Hollywood. He coordinated a Hollywood Free Theater benefit in 1976 at Mann’s Chinese Theater showing the Cecil B. DeMille 1926 film King of Kings. Members of the theater under Kleg’s direction were involved in a weekly outreach bringing music and dramas to inmates at the Youth Authority prison near Chino, California.


Concerned about the runaways and prostitutes on the streets of Hollywood in 1977 he founded and became director of Centrum of Hollywood.  Centrum was an all-volunteer crisis intervention ministry rescuing kids off the streets of Hollywood through Centrum’s 24 hour Hollywood Lifeline, crisis homes and 24 hour emergency transportation. After leaving Centrum of Hollywood in 1983 he founded and directed Centrum of Las Vegas.


During the 1990s in Oregon he devoted a lot of time writing and developing treatments and screenplays, several drawn from his personal experiences. He also started and directed The Overcomers weekly Bible study ministry at the Marion County Jail in Salem, Oregon.


He relocated to Las Vegas in 2003.   He has been involved in jail ministry and is presently a volunteer chaplain at the City of Henderson Detention Center.  Over the years he has experienced great joy in seeing the power of the Gospel transform lives.


His goal for The Christian Studio is to see powerful true stories of redemption produced as feature films that will have an influence on our society for Jesus Christ.  


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