The vision of THE CHRISTIAN STUDIO is to bring powerful stories of faith and redemption together with producers and investors to make films that can have a positive influence on viewers. Many of the stories would offer God given solutions to social problems.



Since working on THE CROSS AND THE SWITCHBLADE as casting director decades ago I have come across several amazing true stories of faith and redemption. Kleg Seth


  THE TOMMIE SCOTT STORY – FROM, GANGS, DRUGS, CRIME TO SOLDIER FOR CHRIST is a story greatly needed today to bring hope to those caught up in destructive lifestyles, especially youth in gangs in our inner cities. Tommie grew up in the gangs in south central Los Angeles. A 23 minute documentary of Tommie telling his story can be seen on You Tube. Innovo publishing has published his autobiography. This is a book that needs to be placed in every juvenile hall, jail and prison in our country. Tommie has shared his testimony on The 700 Club and on news outlets here and internationally. Tommie was invited to participate in the Role Model Summit in Reno, Nevada last April going into the schools challenging students to make the right choices. Tommie was the only non professional athlete to be invited to participate. He has been invited to join the Summit again this year. Screenplay to be completed by March 2015. 


A JOURNEY-LOVE NEVER FAILS  Biniam Asefaw's story is an amazing account of survival after being arrested for preaching God's Word in his own church in Eritrea, a country in east Africa. He spent six months with 5,000 prisoners out on the desert with only a tarp over them for shelter. He got caught leading a Bible study and was beaten and told next time he would be killed. He then was placed in the military and told to plant roadside bombs. Able to escape he walked three days to Sudan where his fiance joined him and they were married. She traveled three days by camel to reunite with Biniam. With dangerous conditions in Sudan they boarded a truck to take the 16 day travel across the Sahara Desert . The truck they were on broke down in the middle of the Sahara and with very little water they needed a miracle to survive. This is a story of one miracle after another that eventually saw Biniam and his wife safely across the Mediterranean Sea to Italy and from there to Las Vegas. He is involved in jail ministry in Las Vegas. And pastors an Eretrean church. A secular Las Vegas magazine published his story of persevering faith and victory which is available. Screenplay available NOW!



SAMMY tells the story of a Native American who came to volunteer at Centrum of Hollywood, a 24 hour all volunteer crisis intervention ministry that actually began on 7-7-77. Hollywood Presbyterian Church gave us their Hollywood Lifeline. Centrum had a crisis home for men one block from the Chinese Theater and a women's crisis home also in the heart of Hollywood. Katherine DeMille Quinn was on our board of directors along with local pastors. Centrum helped unite runaways with their families, prostitutes get away from their pimps, directed addicts to programs like Teen Challange and responded to anyone in crisis 24 hours a day. Centrum brought Chrristians together from a variety of Bible believing churches to work together to share the love of Jesus Christ with anyone in crisis. It is an amazing story of lives miraculously changed and the excitement and joy volunteers experienced through prayer and sharing God's love and Word with those in crisis. This would be unlike any true Hollywood story produced as a feature film. Cenntrum's board of directors included Katherine DeMille Quinn and local Hollywood pastors. HOLLYWOOD'S DELUSION a 54 minute documentary was produced in 1981 on the ministry of Centrum. SCREENPLAY registered with WGAw.


THE STORY OF FUCHIDA AND DESHAZER is the story of Mitsuo Fuchida, the lead pilot on the raid on Pearl Harbor and Jacob DeShazer, a DooLittle raider who spent over 40 months tortured and starved in a Japanese prison camp. Kleg was blessed with the opportunity to have several visits with Jacob DeShazer and his wife at their home in Oregon in the 1990s.    Martin bennett has written WOUNDED TIGER a novel and screenplay that is historically very accurate. To view Martin's trailer online go to WOUNDED TIGER TRAILER. This story has the potential of being the most inspirational epic war drama ever produced as a feature film.   Martin's budget is 100 million USD. 




THE SPENDERS is the story of two couples in Dallas, Texas leaving on a week vacation. The wives are sisters and the story opens with one of the couples trying to talk the other into joining them for a week in fabulous Las Vegas. However, the other couple love the Lord and are going to spend their weeks vacation serving at an orphanage in Mexico. One couple spending what they have on themselves and the other spending their time and resources to make life better for the kids in the orphanage. Story treatment and screenplay are available.



  Survuval At Dearborn is a comedy about a Texan in his mid twenties taking a live in job as a counselor at a group home for juvenile boys located in central Los Angeles in the late 1960s at a time when racial tensions were high. The rebellion to authority and pranks make the counselor's survival questionable.

The following is a letter written by writer, director and producer Don Murray following my working with him on the feature motion picture THECROSS AND THE SWITCHBLADE. 

Dear Kleg,


I just finished reading SURVIVAL AT DEARBORN. I think its an excellent filmproperty. Your characters are so rich, so real and interesting that it's obvious that the film script came from a true life experience of the author. No one's imagination alone could create such characters and circumstances.


This type of true life experience is what compelled me to write and produce the film THE HOODLUM PRIEST and to write and direct THE CROSS AND THE SWITCHBLADE. 


I would be happy to direct your script as well and I see no reason that we shouldn't be as successful with this as with the other two.

With congratulations and cordial regards,

Don Murray 

Survival At Dearborn screenplay is available..



THE PILGRIM'S STORY  has never been made into a dramatic feature film telling their entire story. When they seperated from the Church of England in the early 1600s they were immediately guilty of treason punishable by prison and a number of pastors were put to death. The Pilgrims eventually were able to move to Holland where they endured hard labor and a very wordly society. Twelve years later in 1620 a total of 102 Pilgrims made the dangerous and almost fatal voyage across the Atlantic aboard the Mayflower to the new world. Starting to build their colony on the shores of Cape Cod at the beginning of the winter season took its toll on the Pilgrims. When the winter was over almost half of their number had perished. The entire winter they were on guard night and day against a potential Indian attack. As much as they had tried to have friendly contact with the Indians they were not successful. That is until in the spring they meet Squanto who had been kidnapped years earlier by the English and taken to the slave block in Spain. The land where the Pilgrims build their colony was the land Squanto grew up on. While he was in captivity all of his tribe mysterously died of a disease. Squanto was responsible for the economic and, most likely, physical survival of the Pilgrims teaching them how to plant corn, pelt beavers and trade with the Indians. The most important part of the Pilgrims week was when they came together to worship the Lord and receive God's Word. The success of their crops that first summer brought about a Thanksgiving celebration with the Indians that lasted for three days. Between thefeasting the Pilgrims and Indians had bow and arrow and musket contests and wrestling matches as well as other games and contests. The resolve of the Pilgrims to give Thanks was not just during the times of plenty but also as they faced hardship, persecution and death. The faith of the Pilgrims and their love for the Lord, each other and the Indians has the potential to be a great inspirational epic film.


 TREATMENT by Kleg Seth




There are other powerful stories of redemption that are not our properties but we want to see them produced because of the influence they can have for Christ. One is a low budget faith based comedy THE CALL written be Wendell Burton which is now in pre production. Wendell has been working as Creative Arts Director at Joel Olstein's church from the time Joel took over as pastor.